Commercial Painting Contractor Miami

As a South Florida business owner, you have to think about your company’s appearance. Whether your company provides merchandise or services, your commercial property in Miami should attract potential clients from the outside and provide a welcoming inside. However, if your building has old, peeling paint or the interior walls look faded and dirty, people may be less inclined to do business with your company.

Some people believe that certain colors can improve productivity among employees and that other colors may encourage customers to make purchases. Even though not everyone agrees on what colors will produce these effects, one thing is clear: a fresh coat of paint increases the appeal of commercial properties.

Equally important is the quality of your commercial painting project. The tropical climate of  Miami, Florida and the tri-county area can destroy an inferior painting job; from fading under the sunlight to being peeled away by heavy rain and winds. To ensure a beautiful, long-lasting paint job for your business, you want to hire a professional painting contractor for all your painting needs. GWS Pressure Cleaning provides amazing commercial painting services to our clients in Miami, FL and a large part of South Florida, from Fort Lauderdale to as far south as Key Largo.

Painting a wall with a paint roller

Exterior Painting

The first time a person sees a commercial property, the appearance of the building’s exterior has a significant effect on their perception of the business. A building with cracked or peeling paint, graffiti, or signs of a slapdash painting job can give potential customers or clients the impression that the business is not being run in a professional manner. After all, if a business owner is unable or unwilling to hire professionals to make sure that the building looks clean and fresh, then they may be equally unconcerned with the quality of their service. 

By hiring professional commercial painters for your exterior painting project in South Florida,  you show clients that you care about your business and that they can expect equal attention to detail when it comes to your services and products.

Removing Grafitti

Street art has become increasingly popular over the years, to the extent that some businesses will pay street artists to paint murals on their buildings. When planned and approved, these projects can add a distinctive flair to the neighborhood. Grafitti, however, is illegal and done without permission. A building covered in graffiti looks run down and may give consumers the impression that they are in a dangerous area.

GWS Pressure Cleaning can clear the graffiti off your property with a combination of pressure washing and commercial painting. Our team is highly skilled in removing and covering unsightly graffiti and can quickly get your Miami property looking new again. Call us for an in-person evaluation and a free estimate of our services.

Door, Rail, and Shutter Painting

Because doors, rails, and shutters are used frequently throughout the day, they often need touch-ups even when the rest of your building looks fine. If all you need is a touch-up on your railings or a fresh coat on your shutters and doors, we are there for you. We can completely repaint specific areas such as shutters and doorways or fill in chipped areas on your railings.

Interior Painting

There are many reasons to make sure that the inside of your commercial business is freshly painted by a professional commercial painter. Not only does the inside appearance give the same impressions as the exterior appearance, but it can actually affect the mindsets of your employees and clients. Studies indicate that certain color combinations can help make your workers more relaxed and productive, while other color combinations could make consumers more inclined to purchase goods or services.

The colors you choose can vary depending on the way that your space is used. Consider the way the following spaces are used:

  • Offices
  • Restrooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Break Rooms
  • Shopping Areas
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Call Center Spaces
  • Conference Rooms
  • Stairways and Trim

Each of these areas serve different purposes, and you can choose unique color schemes to reflect the atmosphere you want to present (relaxation for waiting rooms or break rooms, energy for shopping areas, or confidence for offices and conference rooms). You can choose a particular color scheme – such as your company colors, or colors that evoke the unique character of Miami, FL – to tie all the elements of your company together. Whatever details you settle on, you want professionals who can provide high-quality painting services for your project.

Commercial Painting Contractors

By using local painters for your commercial painting project, you know that you are working with professionals who are familiar with the style of businesses in Miami and the surrounding South Florida area. However, you want to make certain that the painters you hire are not simply focused on residential painting but are comfortable and competent enough to provide commercial painting services that suit the needs of your project. 

While house painting projects require a similar level of skill on the part of the painters, the process – and cost – is different. You want to ensure that your commercial painting contractor understands what you need for your company and can provide a fair price per square foot for your project. GWS Pressure Cleaning has served Miami, Fl for years and is ready to make your business look like new.

Commercial Painting Services

From the prep work to the final cleanup, GWS is a professional service you can trust to provide great service, as shown by our many satisfied clients. Whether you need pressure washing, residential painting, or exterior or interior painting for your company, GWS is ready to help you. We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing our clients with the best services available. If you are interested in our services, we will visit your house or commercial property in person to evaluate the space, discuss your ideas, and provide a free quote for our services. Contact us today to make an appointment.