Project Videos

In this section, we have some recent videos of what we do on a daily basis here at GWS Pressure Cleaning. When here, you will see our variety of services that we offer in the act and how it would look like if we were to do a job at your house. You will be able to see the different types of equipment we use to clean these outside sceneries as well as our GWS logo in a range of place’s around the job site.

In this video, we see one of our employees cleaning a trash chute that has been clogged up for some time. He is getting down and dirty and making sure he can get the job done with great success.

In this video, our two employees are using both a high pressure wash and a surface cleaner to clean up a parking garage during the middle of the night while no cars are barely in sight.

In this video, our two employees were finishing up a parking garage using the surface cleaner and doing their finishing touches to a job they had assigned to them.

In this video, one of our employees is using a surface cleaner to wipe all the dirt and spots from the sidewalk so that it could look as if it was just done when everything is finished.

In this video, we have one of our employees cleaning up one of our clients' backyards. He does so by a method of soft wash and makes sure to get all that dirt and rust out of there for a successful cleaning.

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